STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: A Mismatch Made In Heaven

Style Advice of the Week

Aside from an incredibly rich culture and awe-striking architecture, the ancient Greeks have left a wide-spanning legacy, spreading even into the realms of modern fashion. Although the civilization perished millennia ago, the fashion industry still pays homage to them through the continued use of toga-inspired draping techniques and strappy summer sandals. However, an additional source of sartorial inspiration lies at the heart of some of the most renowned stories of all time — the Greek myths.

The ancient Greeks used these tales to make sense of the world around them, while also depicting the gods of Mount of Olympus. From epic romances to blood-filled battles, there are few if any plot elements that these myths lack. However, in addition to their epic storylines, the Greek myths also brought to light several mythical creatures, one of which was the centaur. With the body of a man from the waist up and the body of a horse from the waist down, the centaur is the ultimate contrast between the civilization of the human world and the untameable wilderness of the animal world. By mixing two unrelated elements into one, the ancient Greeks showed how powerful, yet alluring, the art of the mismatch can be. Although the centaur is best left within these timeless tales, the conceptual idea which it represents is very much present within the world of fashion.

This week’s Fashionisto embodies the show-stopping boldness that comes as a result of mixing and mismatching. From the waist up, his cardigan, button-down and bowtie ooze a collegiate formality that only the most preppy of Oxford scholars could pull off. From the waist down, the combination of his printed pants and spike-embellished loafers make for an incredibly cool edge, fit for the most fearless fashion lovers. Although the contrasting trends in his outfit tell two different style stories, his overall ensemble still looks very coherent.

The savvy that he used to create a balanced mismatch is one that Fashionistos and Fashionistas alike can learn from. Although a black bow tie is the pinnacle of formality, this Fashionisto went beyond the conventional by opting for a leather version of this on-trend accessory. Instead of choosing a typical men’s cardigan whose hue falls on the gray scale, he chose an eye-grabbing red alternative that acts as the focal point of the outfit. To maintain the tastefulness of his look, he relied on a simple black and white color palette from the waist down, that let the print and spike detailing truly shine. Essentially, he took two trend options that lay on opposite sides of the sartorial spectrum, adding edgy elements to the preppy side and classic elements to the edgier side. This allowed his two styles to coexist, yet visibly contrast one another at the same time.

This season, release yourself from the idea that every piece of one ensemble has to exhibit a singular, matching style. Mix the different sartorial aspects of your wardrobe and you may just find yourself with a mismatch made in heaven.


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