STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: A Little Birdie Told Me So

The warmth and sounds of spring are creating a sparkling, cheery atmosphere here in High Point! As the North Carolina sun becomes more prominent, so do spring dresses on campus. Though a nice floral pattern certainly hasn’t lost its sweet touch, a pattern just as sweet might be found singing its way into your wardrobe—birds!

Birds are fabulously spring appropriate. The combination of this pattern and a loose fitting dress instantly creates a chic outfit. Even further, its simplicity makes it versatile; add it to business attire, like this bird print ricci blazer from PJK, to add a charming accent.

This Fashionista was an afternoon delight in her black and white bird print dress from TJ Maxx. This print is one that can stand on its own! I love the way she highlights the dress by keeping it minimal; she only added a plain black cardigan and silver flats.

ModCloth has a wide selection of very similar dresses this spring that still manages to create different feels. This lovely little birds dress adds a splash of color and fun variety by including swallows, hummingbirds and parakeets. The too much fun dress in bird gives a more classic feel and the take your peck dress is cheerful in peach! If spring hasn’t yet reached your campus, cover up with bird accents. Try adding this bird print trench coat or these Alexander McQueen leggings to your winter wardrobe. Enjoy the sun, listen to the birds chirp and take your peck at these must have pieces!

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