STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: A Holiday Impression

Style Advice of the Week

The past week has been chilled with swirling dark clouds ahead. At this time of year, most shoppers escape the weather by piling into malls. Shoulder to shoulder we plod our way through. Once the Christmas list is complete we find the nearest exit and escape. Upon my retreat form the Christmas bustle I spotted this Fashionista calmly making her way out looking cool, calm, collected and featuring a hint of edginess.

Seeing this Fashionista made me realize how important dressing for the season is, because nine times out of 10 you’ll bump into past friends and colleagues, so why not dress your best? But this doesn’t mean you can’t shop comfortably.

This Fashionista mastered the art of melding dressy-causal and edgy into one to be fashionably on-trend this season. Fashionista/os take this advice and you’ll be prepped. When dressing look for pieces that are must-have staples like a silk blouse. A silk blouse can be worn time and time again no matter the occasion replacing any old cotton shirt. This is one way to dress up your look while still being extra comfy.

Now when it comes to pants trade in jeans for a semi leather legging, this way you’ll get more mobility in the leg, warmth, extra comfort and not to mention looking amazingly chic! Who knew being chic could be so easy and comfortable?

After talking to this Fashionista she expresses her love for updating basic garment to maximize their trendiness, but also adding feminine pieces to here look to soften big statement pieces.

This Fashionista is wearing the right mix to impress anyone this holiday season; first she opted for semi leather leggings. The leather is featured in the front and back and spandex on the sides for a perfect fit. Then she paired them with a slate grey silk blouse and pearl earrings to soften the legging. To cover this Fashionistas shoulders, she wore a cable knit sweater with a faux-fur lapel. For an extra touch this Fashionista wore a gold watch, black boots, a Louis Vuitton purse and dark plum nails.


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