Style Advice of the Week

Coming off of New York Fashion Week, you should be noticing something; ’90s influences infused the collections. There’s something playful there, which echoes your own childhood style.

This Fashionista caught my eye because of her bright ’90s sweater paired with her casual layers of black and the ultimate shoe staple — Converse. To get this Fashionista’s look, start with a black velvet cat suit from Pitusa. It’ll keep you warmer than leggings and the fit is gorgeous. Then I would add this adorable fish scale print skirt designed by The Rodnik Band. As for a sweater, I would either dig through your attic or head to your local thrift store in search of something bright and playful. When you find it, get creative and add some DIY details like sequins, buttons or googly eyes. Lastly slip on some Converse — bonus points if they’re beat up with your friend’s Sharpie graffiti all over.

For further inspiration, look at designers greatly influenced by pop art such as The Rodnik Band and Yang Du. Their designs will brighten your day and will open up your closet to cartoon inspired clothes. Look to Ashish and Manoush for inspiration on layering and mixing prints. For ’90s grunge inspiration, stalk Wildfox Couture’s latest Clueless collection, and then take a look at Stockholm Fashion Week. Back fall 2013 is my favorite grunge/’90s influenced collection.

If you’re still not feeling inspired, take a look at the ultimate Fashionista: yourself circa ’90s childhood pictures. What are you wearing? Find inspiration in that and bring it back to life for a week of classes.


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