STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: A Fashionista Facing Finals

Style Advice of the Week

In an ideal world, every semester would end calmly, with classwork winding down and students saying their goodbyes before break. Teachers would pass out treats and bode everyone a happy holiday. Students would be able to get to sleep around midnight, and not roll out of their toasty beds until noon.

Unfortunately at most universities, this is not the case. At the end of every semester, the term “finals” and all that it entails takes over most students’ lives. ‘Tis the season for late-night cramming, spending the night with textbooks in hand and the constant consumption of coffee. Resting time only consists of naps on the lumpy sofa in the library, that is, if you are able to beat your other sleep-deprived classmates. At this magical time of year, most students resort to sporting the sweatpants they purchased at the bookstore. However, in a stylish-girl’s world, slacking is never an option.

This Fashionista knows exactly how to keep her outfit cozy while maintaining her personal style. She stands out in the sea of cotton sweatshirts in this cheetah-printed sweater. Its animal print is not overwhelming—the dark colors of the sweater mix together and give the sweater a more grown-up feel. She pairs it with an infinity scarf for added comfort. That way, if the only desk in the library left is the creaky one with a draft from the window, she can stay insulated and comfortable.

For bottoms, she wears her trustworthy blue jeans. Those who may complain that jeans are not comfortable just haven’t found the right pair yet. This Fashionista’s favorite denims are soft and loose, so that she can run off campus to Starbucks and still feel stylish.

This stylish studier is truly able to stand out as a Fashionista through her shoe choice. She wears a pair of brown combat boots (try these!), which are not only trendy but also very comfortable. They are hassle-free, and their worn-in look fits the casual nature of the outfit.

When studying, no one wants to fuss over hairstyles. Instead of the overdone ponytail or even neglecting her hair, this Fashionista wears a single braid. It keeps the hair away from her face so that she can plant her nose in her books. Even if she suddenly snoozes on her keyboard for a few minutes, her hair will remain in tact. Coincidentally, it’s a very cute hairstyle.

So, next time you head out for a romantic date with your school library, remember that “cozy” doesn’t necessarily have to mean cotton sweats. Wear an outfit that you are confident in, so that you can focus on acing your exams. Happy finals!


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