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Every year during springtime, floral prints emerge on the fashion scene. The second spring appears, the desire to “lighten up” our style from the dark winter comes along with it. Many start coloring their hair, wearing pastels and embracing a more girly style. Floral prints are a great way to display your feminine spring aesthetic.  Whether the print is reinvented or painted in unconventional, bold colors, you can always count on this seasonal pattern on being brought up-to-date.

When it comes to wearing florals, many of us worry that they may look like a big floral bouquet walking around! Not to worry because says, “opt for lightweight fabrics, ladylike silhouettes and relaxed cuts. The most delicate of floral prints will be perfectly matched by sheer panels, feminine beauty looks and layerings of soft knits as the temperature drops.” If you are bold Fashionista, then wearing a vibrant floral print is for you! Look for floral prints that are bright, big and colorful. also states, “Cuts that have a daring touch are the ideal accompaniment: think plunging necklines, cinched in waists and thigh slits.”

Our Fashionista this week wore a gorgeous floral maxi skirt from Forever 21. Wanting to be more casual for the weekend, she paired her dress with a classic denim jacket with a simple white camisole underneath, both from Forever 21 as well. I think that the denim blue is a great contrast to the light pastel colors that are in her skirt. The denim gives the outfit a little more edge and makes her outfit look effortless and feminine.

To avoid looking too overdone when wearing a floral print, I suggest limiting accessories or wearing simple accessories that do not compete with the print like a simple belt or hoop earrings. Our Fashionista wore a simple brown belt. This is a great way to break up the outfit, adding a little more pop and contrast. I also love our Fashionista’s fun rings and bracelets from Forever 21. The ring with cat ears is really cute and playful.  Our Fashionista’s striking red hair looks great and adds a great pop of color, being that most of the color is on the bottom half of her outfit. To stay casual and comfortable, our Fashionista wore simple brown sandals.

Our Fashionista’s outfit is great for the weekend and is perfect for many events. You can wear this running errands or to a BBQ and even to Sunday brunch. The floral print is great because it is versatile, based on the specific print that you are wearing. There are prints that are more suitable for nighttime events. There is a floral print that suits every Fashionista.

I know that floral prints for spring isn’t new by any means, but this season’s flowers are something else entirely—they’re more sophisticated and modern. Wearing floral is the perfect way to play with a more soft and delicate print for the springtime and a great way to allow your more feminine style to blossom.


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