Everyone knows that you don’t have to look much further than Paris for a constant source of inspiration. The “City of Lights” is known for its visual beauty and the Frenchness that just makes it unique. Whether walking dans la rue or enjoying life en plein air, there are perpetual visual stimuli that seemed to be embedded in the very atmosphere. The je ne sais quoi of Parisian style is an abstract concept that can only be perfected by those born and raised in the lifestyle. The rest of us can only dream of the beautiful life graced upon Parisians and try to replicate it in our own lives.

This Fashionista incorporates the uniquely Parisian style into her ensemble with the pairing of the oversized coat and printed scarf. Her choice of a neutral palette gives her a more structured look and allows for the scarf to be the focal point. Finally, the leather tote bag exudes an essence of urban style. A great runway capture of this Parisian style is captured in the Lanvin 2014 Resort Collection.

One way to embrace this style is to infuse it into your decor. If you want a full apartment with Parisian influences, the best way is to think of what a Parisian apartment would look like and try to replicate the old world meets modernity look. For a small detail of Parisian chic, a collection of decorated storage boxes would add some spice to any small space. Below are some photos of inspiration to capture the Parisian rêve in any space.

Parisian style main living area 

Eiffel Tower themed storage boxes

Parisian inspired furniture


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