STREET STYLE VS DECOR: French Neoclassic Embellishment


As you’ve probably noticed from your grandma’s home decor, style changes in the home just as drastically and frequently as it does in fashion. What was in yesterday is totally out today, yet those antique pieces still draw you to them. Some especially ambitious Dormistas even seek to convert their entire home to embodying previous eras. One of the most challenging of these is the French neoclassical period, resulting in a home that appears to be fashioned by Marie Antoinette herself.

French neoclassical is all about being glam and perhaps a little gaudy in the most royal way possible. It equates to gold, scrolled furniture, floral wallpaper and colors ranging from soft pink pastels to deep royal purples. It also means embellishments, which are perhaps the easiest part to embody in a modern way.

Embellishments can range from beads to embroidery, and they’ve been showing up in fashion for the past few seasons. Designers are splurging on adding these glamorous details to simple silhouettes, giving an ornate touch to fashion (as if it isn’t already royal). For instance, this Dormista wears a simple cardigan covered in a beaded floral pattern. This dresses up the otherwise simple outfit and adds some sparkle.

These embellishments are fairly easy to find when it comes to decor and simple to incorporate into an existing room. Embellished decor adds a little sparkle and a touch of feminine flair. Either add one or two pieces to a room or go all out with the French neoclassical style. The result will be a room full of drama, but only the good kind.

In Dolce&Gabbana’s winter 2015 line they play up the embellishments with crystal encrusted accessories, sparkles woven into knits of woodland creatures and hoods with large gems. They present a perfect example of mixing ornate details with kitschy cool themes.

Start converting your room with a few of these options:

A gem-encrusted throw pillow

Gold leaf perfume bottles for your dressing table

An ornate gold jar with rose detailing

A charming decorative frame with an antiquated feel


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