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My name is Brianna Hammerle. I have just finished my fourth year at Stony Brook University and have one more left before finishing my major of Health Science.

I grew up and live a mere 20-minutes from Stony Brook in a small town called Sayville. After graduating high school with about 200 people and then entering into a class of about 20,000 only a few months later, I was fascinated with all the different cultures and people around me. Seeing and learning about the cultures immersed me in Stony Brook, it really proved to me my love for fashion and maybe even made me realize why I love it so much – there is a style and look for everyone, which can be used to express yourself.

Growing up as a kid, there were two sides of me–one side that loved playing sports and the other, polar opposite, experimenting with makeup and playing dress-up with my sister and brother. Yes, I said brother, and, no him nor my dad was happy about that. Now that I’m 22, I still have the same desire for sports, however, my everyday look is girly with an edge to it. I absolutely love love love leather–leather pants, leather jackets, leather shirts, dresses, skirts, basically add leather to any piece and I dig it. I also like wearing neutral colors and then adding a pop of color, usually coming from my shoes, bag or jewelry. Speaking of jewelry, it would be weird to see me without multiple rings, earrings or a watch. Recently I like statement necklaces and anything with spikes on it!

With my ever long love for fashion, new trends, designers, shoes and accessories, I am so excited to start my first semester writing for CollegeFashionista! After attending the Fashion Group International Trend Presentation in New York City moderated by Diane von Furstenberg, a very inspirational fashion icon to me, she told us how you base your entire outfit off of the shoes you want to wear. And thinking about it, it’s so true! Is it raining out?  Are you walking far distances today? Whatever your day entails, you need to be wearing the right shoes, and being a shoe addict myself, I’m glad to be writing ACCESSORIES REPORT every Friday! I believe my work experience at Michael Kors will not only help me spot the Fashionista/o’s style that I like, but also help me approach them! Living so close to the beach, I’m excited to see this summer’s fashion, especially taking notice to crop tops, anything high-waisted, pastel colors, sunglasses and summer sandals.


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