Staycation with Sally Hansen University of Tampa

Exclusive Feature, From the Editor

Bikini, check. Fashion magazines, check. Sunglasses, check. Looks like you’re ready for a vacation. Better yet — a Staycation! That’s right, no plane ticket necessary this time Fashionistas/os because your perfect getaway is right where you are. With the semester racing to the finish line and summer almost within reach, we are yearning for some time to relax and enjoy ourselves. And just because we don’t have time to escape for a few days it doesn’t mean we can’t have ourselves a little campus holiday. So pack your bags (or just leave everything in your closet) and get ready to turn your campus into the hottest spring Staycation destination!

Tampa is hot, hot, hot these days and that makes for perfect sunbathing weather. The University of Tampa campus is surrounded by water, covered in green grass and offers so many hotspots for laying down a towel and soaking up the sun. Now I don’t know about you but I always need some pampering before any vacation so treating myself to a fresh mani/pedi and letting down my locks are a must. This spring though, I’m adding a new beauty ritual to the pre-Staycation to do list: sun tan ready stems! I know I’m going to be living in short shorts this Staycation so I want my legs to be ready to rock and my favorite product to get them bronzed is Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs. It’s the perfect skin smoother that helps to even out your skin tone and give you that extra bronze glow. With this in my Staycation bag, I know I’ll be able to better show off my legs in all of my getaway ensembles.

My first stop has to be our docks on the channel. This look is cute and comfortable and will be perfect for relaxing near the water. My next Staycation location will be just around the corner from the docks, lying at ease in the green green grass. This time I’m going for a sundress. A light and flowy dress is basically required in the spring and my stretch cotton striped dress is ideal for lying in the grass with the latest copy of ELLE. I’ll pair it with sandals again but trade out the sunglasses for a fun wide brim hat. It will keep the sun out of my eyes and it adds excitement to the outfit. And finally, it’s time to break out the bikini! On my last Staycation stop, I’m headed to tan by the boathouse. I’m obsessed with this floral bikini and have paired it with vintage denim shorts and a boyfriend oxford button-down. My favorite accessory in this look? My bronzed legs that have been prepped with a perfect layer of color thanks to my Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs! Now I’m ready to turn up my Jack Johnson Pandora and Staycation the day away!

With so many beautiful spots to relax and unwind on the UT campus, it’s hard not to turn this little escape into a full-time trip. But classes must not be missed so I guess we’ll all just have to work hard so we can play harder! And when there’s time for a break, remember that our campuses are just as perfect a place to retreat as any Caribbean island.

You can show off your Staycation style as well. To celebrate this partnership, CollegeFashionista is giving away $500 to one lucky winner who best captures their Staycation on social media. To enter, follow CollegeFashionista and Sally Hansen on Instagram. Upload a photo on Instagram using the hashtag #SallyHansenStaycation showing us your fashionable and fun Staycation. The top ten photos will be put in a Facebook album for fans to vote on. One lucky winner will be selected. Click here for official rules and how to enter.

So put on your shortest shorts, feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and always Staycation in style my friends. As long as you’re spending the time doing things you love and, of course, dressing the part, your days of leisure will be flawless. Fashionistas/os, how do you stay, stay, Staycation?!




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