Staycation with Sally Hansen at University of South Florida

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I consider myself pretty lucky that I attend the University of South Florida. The weather is fantastic and I love the environment, people and fashion. As a senior, less than a month away from graduating, I have been spending a little extra time enjoying campus lately. Whether I’m rushing to class or sprinting to my car as soon as it’s over, it can be easy to take my surroundings for granted. There is going to be a time when I’m not going to wake up and come to school everyday and I already know that I’m going to miss it. So for the next month, I’m going to make a little Staycation out of the time I still have left by spending time doing my favorite things on and around campus.

The thing I adore most about USF is the fact that the campus is simultaneously urban and outdoorsy. There is concrete and foliage everywhere, which is comforting because I like being in a big city that also has the ability to feel homey. Although USF is known as a commuter campus, there are tons of things that I like to do on campus in between classes. In between classes, I like to sit at the bar of the Starbucks in our library. The bar is conveniently located right next to the door which always puts me in the perfect position for style stalking. Some of my all-time favorite Fashionistas/os were spotted at that very bar. USF has a covered walkway in between the library and the Marshall Student Center. During spring, it is absolutely covered in bright pink bougainvillea. It’s the perfect spot for anything from a CollegeFashionista photo shoot to a shady study date.

Even though I’ve lived in Florida for most of my life, I’ve never truly gotten used to the treacherous heat. Shorts, dresses and skirts are staples in my wardrobe. During the summer, it’s basically psychotic to even consider buying a pair of jeans. Most people who don’t live in Florida would kill for the chance to wear short hems all year long, right? Wrong. Having to shave your legs all the time gets old really quickly. That’s when Sally Hansen’s waxing kits come in handy. After my legs are all silky smooth, I tried some of Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Leg spray. It gave my pasty, white legs a nice tan tone and covered up any skin imperfections. It still looked perfect after I played in the USF fountain.

You can show off your Staycation style as well. To celebrate this partnership, CollegeFashionista is giving away $500 to one lucky winner who best captures their Staycation on social media. To enter, follow CollegeFashionista and Sally Hansen on Instagram. Upload a photo on Instagram using the hashtag #SallyHansenStaycation showing us your fashionable and fun Staycation. The top ten photos will be put in a Facebook album for fans to vote on. One lucky winner will be selected. Click here for official rules and how to enter.

Take my advice, find time to explore and adventure around your college campus. Find an enjoyable spot to eat lunch with your friends or even a secret spot where you go to unwind after a long day. Every campus has something unique to offer but if your campus doesn’t any appealing qualities, then maybe it’s time to consider transferring to USF.


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