Staycation with Sally Hansen at UCLA

Exclusive Feature, From the Editor

It’s summer all year round in Southern California, but unfortunately for me, my fair complexion isn’t used to the constantly harsh sun, so when everyone is laying out for hours on end in the middle of the day, I have two choices: either to wear factor 10000 suntan lotion, or to stay inside and watch from the window while remaining excruciatingly pale. But now I have a new option; Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs is an amazing way to give yourself a healthy glow while staying out of the sun and keeping your skin safe! You can apply it sparingly for everyday usage and quickly fake it for a night out – so here are a couple of ways I’ve come to use it in my LA backyard!

It’s still early on in the summer so when I go to the pool with my friends on the weekend I sometimes feel a little weary about burning up! Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs make up isn’t only a way to flawlessly transform my legs by covering freckles and imperfections, but it is also water resistant, so I can hang out in the water for as long as I want! I try to keep myself looking stylish now that I have beautifully bronzed legs, so this black crochet cover-up is a super easy and cute way to keep the sun off me, and the black also enhances the new tan! Definitely look out for crochet tops and dresses this summer – they look charming at the beach but also over a slip so that you can wear it out as well!

I love to hang out underneath the shady cover of Jan’s Steps on the UCLA campus. The grassy hill is a wonderful place to get some reading done in between classes or to people watch with an ice coffee, and if you’re like me – i.e. hate wearing pants and love having your legs out – applying Sally Hansen’s leg makeup is a fabulous way to spruce up a look! The product works effortlessly alongside pastel shorts and a Chanel inspired chain-strap bag, and pairing these articles with soft and loose fabrics such as a chiffon blouse is not only a way to comfortably beat the heat, but also allows me to go from hanging out on our quad to a lunch date in Westwood!

Sally Hansen Airbrush Leg Makeup comes in both a spray on and lotion option, meaning you can touch up your glamorous glow wherever you are without any self-tanning messes, and it doesn’t rub off on clothes either, so don’t worry about wearing shorts and dresses wherever you go! If you don’t have enough sun where you live, or you’re like me and have to limit your exposure – which sucks because being out on my campus is always so beautiful –  then this product is an awesome alternative that will enhance any outfit and have people thinking you were just in the Caribbean for a couple of weeks! Lotion up Fashionistas!

You can show off your Staycation style as well. To celebrate this partnership, CollegeFashionista is giving away $500 to one lucky winner who best captures their Staycation on social media. To enter, follow CollegeFashionista and Sally Hansen on Instagram. Upload a photo on Instagram using the hashtag #SallyHansenStaycation showing us your fashionable and fun Staycation. The top ten photos will be put in a Facebook album for fans to vote on. One lucky winner will be selected. Click here for official rules and how to enter.


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