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I think we can all agree that this particular Fashionista has a wonderful sweetness that is presented in her look. From the knitwear printed scarf to the simple denim jeans with paint smeared on them, it all together reflects a sweet and simple look—a look that I admire and find relaxing.

Attending an art school, most of the time individuals at the school present themselves with a lot of unique and “out there” clothing. Due to this, I find myself at times feeling overwhelmed just walking into the local campus coffee shop (let just say a whole array of looks are seen all at once). I don't find this at all to be a negative at all as I live out my daily routines at RISD, however, sometimes we all just a need a Fashionista/o that can rest our eyes and we can admire from afar. This Fashionista particularly caught my eye due to the wonderful prints in her scarf and shirt, but also the simple and sweetness that is presented in her look. 

With students here in full swing with studio finals and liberal arts exams, the style advice I have to give this week is to all follow this Fashionista with her outfit choices this week. Keep it simple, yet sweet. Finals can be exhausting and I think that keeping what you wear to studio and those long exams should be a comfortable wardrobe, and makes you feel great too. I personally don't enjoy wearing just sweat pants and a T-shirt. It's too simple. When you think about simple, put the word in relation to your fabric choices. By that I mean, wear cozy knits, full sweaters and scarfs. Not only is a knit shirt or a simple denim comfortable, but it can also add a bit of color and excitement if done correctly. Check out your local thrift stores for clothing. Or, look online at stores such as American Apparel, H&M or even Urban Outfitters, where knits can be found easily to your needs. 

I think we all can agree that this Fashionista has done a great job with a simple n' sweet look. Be sure to not overwork yourselves during finals. If you are lacking a sense of comfort from those long exhausting days, rethink what you are wearing. Possibly you just aren't comfortable enough or as I would say, your just “simply not feeling sweet”

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