AROUND TOWN: Latifa Seini

Whether we use it or not, makeup is a form of art that can transform your identity completely or simply help you better show off God’s graces; Latifa, a junior Accounting major here at UT, is one talented artist. This makeup expert hopes to especially use her experience in Accounting and knowledge in Business to start her own cosmetics line. Her passion for makeup is expressed through her YouTube channel called TifaGlamour and she is known for her beautiful makeup tutorials and for her fashion cookbooks.

Name: Latifa Seini

Role: Makeup Artist

CollegeFashionista: How did you become interested in makeup?

Latifa Seini: My final year of high school I sucked at makeup and I had to get ready for prom. I got this girl, who was supposedly a makeup artist to do my makeup, but it was horrible. I regretted asking her to do my makeup because it was so bad. After that I just started watching a lot of YouTube videos and I started practicing and doing my own makeup. It evolved to the point where I would do makeup around the house. 

CF: What’s your makeup must have?

LS: Oh my gosh, a red lipstick. That is just so important because I think that just completes a look.

CF: Who is your beauty inspiration?

LS: Amrezy. I look up to that girl. Her makeup is just so on point. I think she’s a makeup artist in New York but she posts her own makeup on her Instagram. Her pictures are just so amazing. 

CF: Do you have any upcoming projects or events?

LS: I do, actually. Right now my friend is helping me film an edgy lookbook and later I’ll be making a date night Valentine’s Day lookbook. I’m also starting to film myself doing other peoples makeup. I feel like it’s going to get boring if I just keep recording myself doing my own makeup. I’ll also be doing a beautify giveaway to my subscribers. 

Learn More: Check out Latifa’s beautiful makeup and fashion on her YouTube, Instagram and Facebook accounts @TifaGlamour!


STYLE GURU STYLE: Classics are Classic

As the crisp autumn air envelopes the town of Flagstaff, it is crucial for us Fashionistas to manipulate our wardrobes in order to stay warm and more importantly, on trend. This can be challenging for many Fashionistas who jump from fad to fad, frustrated when their patterned-filled wardrobe serves little purpose in the following season. Many believe florals can be worn year round, but don’t waste your time trying to convince me neons or holographic prints will be making a reappearance any time soon.

By now, my extreme distaste for patterns must be obvious; and I am not sorry about that. If you were to ask me to pull the oldest piece from my closet, there is no doubt in my mind that it would be black or white. I believe there is a huge misconception with monochromatic style—that it means the Fashionista is basic, boring or lacks creativity. The fact of the matter is I can do more with my “basic” wardrobe than someone whose wardrobe is ever-changing, allowing me to develop exciting and creative looks over the years.

After checking out ADEAM’s fall 2014 ready-to-wear line, my monochromatic mood was reinforced once more. While Hanako Maeda’s line incorporated soft pinks and royal blues, the contrasting black and white pieces stole the show. There is something incredibly timeless about monochromatic style, and I plan to stick with it.

Get My Look: 1. A simple chiffon skater-skirt. 2. A black and white cable-knit sweater. 3. Leather booties.



Meet your new closet essential, the sneaker wedge! The popular street trend is a part sneaker, part wedge-heel duo. This hot new hybrid has been snapped on celeb style icons like Lindsay Lohan, Beyonce and Victoria’s Secret Angel Miranda Kerr. The cute and comfy kicks are the perfect half step between sophisticated and sporty. Oh, and the best part? This style isn’t specific to one certain designer or store; sneaker wedges can be found anywhere. With prices ranging from $328 at Marc Jacobs to $37.80 at Forever 21, this trend is for everyone!

The sneaker wedge’s pretty and practical characteristics have fashion lovers and style experts completely head over heels (see what I did there?). Just peep this Fashionista’s take on the trend. She rocks her wedges with a casual outfit that’s great for class. The contrast between her feminine skater skirt and the sneaks’ gritty style create an ultra edgy look that’s still super polished—that’s the best of both worlds! Because these shoes walk a fine line between causal and dressy, use beauty elements to really set the tone. For a more formal look, rock this style with hair braided up. When styling an everyday look, like this Fashionista, let those locks hand loose.

How To: If you’re curious about how to strut these edgy wedges, just remember that comfort is key to this look. Start off with a dope graphic tee or sweater. Next, pair that top with a stylin’ skirt, and feel free to add tights or leggings for chillier weather. Finish up with a little bling around the neck and finally add those killer street-sleek black sneaker wedges!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Queen of Tartan

I think we can all agree that plaid is a major fall trend. It’s versatility lends appeal to a very broad range of Fashionista/os. The Thakoon Addition pre-fall 2014 collection (specifically this look) inspired me to try some major pattern play. This look might seem intimidating at first but if you follow a few simple rules you can pull off plaid on plaid with ease.

The first rule is to not be too matched. Unless you have a set that was made to seamlessly go together, you will want each piece to be unique. Try mixing up the scale of the pattern. The larger scale is more flattering for a pant, and from afar, appears to be a neutral solid. This helps to eliminate visual overload.

Another rule is to stick to complimentary colors. This doesn’t have to lack in contrast but will help to create a cohesive look. Take cues from the colors in each piece. The green and blue color palette present in the pant are also supplementary colors in the red plaid top. You can take this as a clue, hinting at which colors work well together.

If this look is still a little too bold for you, fear not. You can tone down the outfit by layering a sweater over the plaid top. I chose a white option to lighten things up. This will allow you to embrace the trend with more subtlety. I finished the outfit with a bold berry lip.

Whether you prefer to layer or decide to be brave, either look can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion. Don’t be afraid to break out your plaid in unexpected ways. You might be the new queen of tartan.

Get My Look: 1. Tartan pants from LOFT. 2. Plaid top from Banana Republic Factory. 3. Simple black pumps. 4. Sleek bracelet. 5. White textured sweater.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Little Black Accessories

November is definitely here, my fellow Fashionistas/os and if you’re like me and go to school somewhat above the border of North Carolina or so, it’s getting cold! During these chilly winter months many people, like myself, have found it hard to stay fashionable and warm all at the same time. But, it’s all about finding those key pieces that are timeless, cozy and chic.

This Fashionista embodies that idea to a ‘T’ with her black tights and cute fingerless gloves. Yes, it’s usually all about the little black dress but now it’s time to be all about those chic “little black accessories.” Those sunglasses she’s wearing? They work for every season and every occasion and so does that jacket and those boots, if they’re paired up right. But right now we are talking about the winter and all of these things together with a cozy sweater and scarf are the perfect pieces to create both a comfortable outfit you’ll never mind wearing throughout the winter. You may want to substitute the tights for warmer leggings and a heavier jacket in the colder months like December and January, but those would be my only changes.

Also, if you’re looking for a nice longer sweater to pair with these accessory choices I’ve found some good ones here and here!

How To: For those fingerless gloves, you probably have a great aunt or grandmother that knows how to knit them! If not, you can always find a pair similar here. Also, don’t be afraid to rock a cute tote bag in a different color like this one to add a little flair to this monochromatic look.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Splatter Mania

There are days as a Style Guru where you cross paths with girls who inspire you to keep doing what you love. In my case, they motivate me to hunt down the raddest girls in town. They remind you what fashion is all about. From self-expression to breaking boundaries, this Fashionista is everything in between with her amazing ensemble of patterns and fabrics.

All together, the outfit looks incredible. So let’s break it down to each piece separately because I am sure that this outfit can provide several outfit ideas for fashion enthusiasts everywhere. First off, I was super jealous of how warm and cozy this Fashionista looked. Her shearling coat is perfect for this crazy Boston weather. She knew what a statement piece her coat was, so she paired it down with a simple black long sleeve T-shirt. However, there is always an item that, as a Style Guru, draws you to a Fashionista. In this case, it was the splattered boyfriend jeans. They are so cool, and as soon as I saw them, I knew that this piece could be layered up during the cold weather and worn down with just a cool T-shirt and some chunky heels during the summer.

You come to realize that a little extra something can go a long way when speaking of clothes. That splattered print makes the boyfriend jeans look phenomenal. Next up, every Bostonian knows that fall calls from some booties. I love the chunky heel because it makes them really comfortable. Also, I do not know if it was on purpose, but the floral backpack and the booties are a match.

Even though this Fashionista has so much going on, she makes it work by making color alliances and contrasting fabrics. What a great day to be inspired.

How To: Can’t find a cool pair of splattered jeans? Let’s get creative! Find a cute affordable pair of jeans that you won’t regret getting artistic with. Grab your bestie and start your own DIY project. Also, I’ve noticed that in vintage stores splattered jeans are very popular. Now you will have a vintage piece with a trendy feel.


The holiday season is officially around the corner. While stores are stocking up on Christmas decorations and wrapping paper, it is still rather warm here at Hampton University. Fall colors are essential staples for the season, but when it is still 65 degrees and sunny, how is a Fashionista suppose to emerge in holiday style? Although the weather is not so frightful, one can easily sport holiday colors during the most wonderful time of the year.

Although spring is still many months away, the trend of bold-colored shoes was implemented throughout Zero + Maria Cornejo’s spring 2015 resort collection. This Fashionista’s bright red pumps are the perfect addition to her outfit that screams Christmas is almost here. She paired a black blazer that had sparkly undertones with a black sweater and black jeans. This Fashionista also added a long string of pearls around her neck. She went geeky chic with her clear, large framed glasses. This look is very simple, but can be easily executed by anyone, just in time for the holiday season.

How To: Find a pair of all black jeans and pair them with a simple black blazer. Don’t have a pearl necklace? Substitute the pearls for a large statement necklace. Top off the look with a pair of pumps that are bold in color. Red, green and gold are great color choices to accent this look. Don’t forget to add a cute red lip to complete the look.

TRENDING: Travel Ready Looks

Thanksgiving is a week and a half away. It is time to narrow down those Pinterest recipes, turn in your final assignments and head on home for the holiday. While we can’t exactly help you decide between making pecan pie squares or pumpkin cupcakes, we can help you look super fashionable as you travel back to your hometown. Whether traveling by car or by plane, get home in style with these tips for the perfect travel ready look.

1. Student Off Duty: No classes for a week? Let the world know you are officially checked out by rocking a graphic sweatshirt and leather accented leggings.

2. Temperature Transition: If you go to school in the Midwest and are traveling home to the South for Thanksgiving or vice versa, the temperatures between the two locals are quite different. Layer a tank under a chambray shirt so your travel ready look is appropriate no matter the destination.

3. I’m So Fancy: With another semester of college almost under your belt, show your parents you have matured a bit over these past few months. A faux fur vest is comfortable for your journey and makes any look instantly more polished and refined.

4. Beanie There: Have a 6 a.m. flight and a significant other picking you up on the other end? Be sure to look chic in an instant by throwing on a beanie.

5. Four Eye For The Win: Airplanes are notorious for no leg room and dry cabins. Solve one of those issues by packing hand cream and wearing a cute pair of glasses. This is one oversized carry-on that will definitely fit on board.

6. Carryall Carry On: The right bag can take you anywhere you need to go. Ditch the mini rolling suitcase for a leather satchel. This silhouette should be able to hold all your essentials while complementing the rest of your ensemble.

Heading home this week for break? Show us how you travel in style using the hashtag #collegefashionista on social media.


I’ve had it wired in my brain since I was little to ask myself: “Do you have something to match with that?” every time I pick up a piece of clothing at the mall. Thanks, mom. It’s probably because I went through a phase when I was in middle school where I would impulsively buy a cool patterned item that would just sit in my closet because I didn’t have anything to go with it, but I guess that’s what my mom gets for letting me go shopping without her. Unfortunately 11-year old Rebecca just wasn’t that fashion forward, because flash forward to 2014, the current trend of jumpsuits could have solved all of my problems.

The best part about jumpsuits is that with just one simple item, you’ve created an entire look. It’s the simplicity of wearing a dress, with the practicality of a nice pair of pants. This Fashionista paired her jumpsuit with heels, a solid clutch and an elegant bracelet to create an effortless and sophisticated night look. Though she was wearing this ensemble to a fancy dinner while her family was in town, it would be perfect for walking around an art show, or even a black-tie event.

Whether dressed up for a date night, or kept casual for a nice brunch, jumpsuits eliminate the stress of finding multiple articles of clothing to create a cohesive outfit. Go out of your comfort zone and take a risk to pull off a bold-colored jumpsuit. Or if you aren’t looking to have all eyes on you, tie your outfit together with a solid-colored cardigan for a subtler look. However you decide to wear it, this trend is ideal for looking stylish as the weather gets cooler.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Jumpsuits are versatile. You can dress them down with flats, or you can wear heels and jewelry for a nicer occasion.”


WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Internships have the ability to be dreadfully difficult to dress for, considering the fact that you’re not completely an employee but you’re a part of a higher standard. You have to debate whether this is an interview that will last a few months or whether you have the freedom to make yourself comfortable.

This Fashionisto decided to bring his personality into his formal wear by adding some attitude to his ensemble. He donned a button-down shirt, a tie with a complementary tie bar and a lapel pin. That was the ultimate professional dupe. As you travel down, you find a delicious pair of Press Play training pants paired with a sleek set of black leather loafers. The dynamic gold watch was a masculine touch to the slim fit outfit and demanded to be seen. Not only will his work ethic shine though, but so will his fashion sense!

Don’t let the trendiness fool you; this Fashionista is about his business. He wore everything from Forever 21, Aldo and a special highlight to ASOS, yet he held the demeanor of a man wearing Halston or Hugo. Whether he is caught buying coffee for his boss or in the office drafting reports, he is fit for a feature in Vogue.

One Simple Change: If you change the button-up shirt underneath to a loose, free-fitting T-shirt, you will have an outfit for a night out! Adding another casual piece to the outfit will allow for all-night comfort on the dance floor or chilling out at your local coffee shop.