TREND: Saving Up for a Rainy Day


As rain came to Irvine this past weekend, many people (as most from California do) became paranoid drivers, unmotivated to go outside and brought out their rain boots. Even as the rain passed, many students stuck close to their waterproof attire. This Fashionista was one of those weather-smart students. Despite being practical, this Fashionista’s outfit is very stylish. Her tiered beige jacket paired with interesting (and not blah rain boots worn by many other students) rain boots make a perfect rainy day ensemble.

Rain at UC Irvine is not a new phenomenon and neither are rain boots, but the way this Fashionista approached them is fresh for spring. Her coat is a modern take on the rain coat, inspired by Burberry’s collection of beige raincoats (my favorite being this, with this being a close second). However, it is much more than just a regular raincoat because of the small details, such as its tiered nature. A similar coat is this Victoria’s Secret raincoat complete with side pockets (clothing with pockets complete me).

As for the boots, there are many options for the fashion forward student that are not just blah and a single color. There are leopard boots, cowboy boots, lace-y boots, and heeled boots (complete with an adorable bow).

No matter your style, you can make the rainy weather work for you. Although I personally despise the rain (being from Santa Barbara, my few months in Irvine are the most experience I have ever had with rain), Fashionistas like this one are the ones who inspire me to break out from my all-black clothing during the rainy weather.


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