FUREVER FRIENDS: Mahak and Marshy

Exclusive Feature

I am a big animal lover, and I always have been.  When I was younger, my parents would buy parakeets and fishes, and I loved them but they were not as satisfying to have compared to pets you can actually hold and play with. It was about two years ago when I was sitting on my laptop in my living room, and my parents walked in the door with two adorable white baby bunnies. They were the cutest little things in the world. They were brothers and they looked completely alike; we had to find minor differences to name them and be able to tell them apart. One of them is Marshmallow, Marshy for short. He was named that because he’s white and his ears are mostly black, so he looked like a roasted marshmallow. His brother is Snowball, Snow for short. He was a bit chubbier and completely white with only a few black spots on the ears.  I’ve been obsessed with them ever since then. They love to be held and cuddled with, and my parents love them even more than I do!

My outfit consists of a baby blue skirt with white lace as a border. I made it myself, and the whole outfit reminds me of a cupcake shop in Paris. It’s fun, feminine and the color is perfect for spring. I love wearing black, and I thought it would show off the skirt and my adorable accessory, Marshy.  I added a black sun hat to make the outfit more fun, and some pink pumps and a pink necklace.  Marshy was wearing part of his bunny leash; it’s baby blue and has wings on it!

My five favorite things about Marshy and Snow are:

  • The amazing black border around their eyes makes it look like they have eyeliner on!
  • They are completely obsessed with bananas and will jump and hop if they smell it around.
  • Both of them love to cuddle and will sit in your lap for an hour if you pet them.
  • When they get really excited to get out of their cage to run around, they do this little jump and spin 180 degrees in the air. It’s adorable.
  • Their fur is the softest and prettiest fur a bunny could have.

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