MARCH MADNESS: Marquette University

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It’s March and we’re all going mad. Time to gather around your television to chant, yell and cheer on your college’s basketball team. It’s a time where your school is represented in front of millions. It’s a time where we’re all hoping our team makes it to the Final Four. How much more exciting can this get?

As a current student at Marquette University, I couldn’t be more proud of the university. I enjoy watching the exhilarating game almost as much as I enjoy huge shopping sales. The whole year, Marquette’s campus is filled with never-ending school spirit especially in March. Everyone is eager to throw on all of his or her school gear for one of the most exciting times of the year. For me, I still like to incorporate my own style to my game-ready outfit. I chose to wear an outfit that is a little girlier but allows me to be comfortable while cheering during a game. For this game, I decided to keep it simple with a sporty twist by wearing a gray blazer from Aritzia with a classic, white button-up shirt from J.Crew underneath it. I threw on a sporty hat with a simple pair of jeans—both were perfect for the occasion. Deciding between sneakers or flats, I decided to go with my tan Tory Burch flats as a neutral and girlier wear. Either way, I knew I was ready for the exciting game.

Everything from the food to the shopping, here are five things I love about Marquette University:

  • The Third Ward: In this historic part of the city, there is everything from fun restaurants, unique sights and boutiques that I tend to visit weekly.
  • The Meal Mobile: The mobile that is instant and saves every hungry college student that is too lazy to pick up his or her food.
  • Milwaukee Art Museum: Going to this museum never gets old. It is a unique building that is full of fun shows, music and beautiful, unique art Milwaukee has to offer.
  • The Broken Yolk: The most iconic, delicious, stomach-filling café on campus. The Broken Yolk never disappoints—their humongous proportions will leave you more than satisfied.
  • Summerfest: In the summer, Milwaukee couldn’t get any better than this fun-filled festival. It’s a place where you can try fried Oreos and fried Kool-Aid, while eating cheese curds. There is unlimited entertainment and amazing Wisconsin food that brings everyone together for good times and great music.


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