Let's Hear it for the Boys

I must admit I chased this Fashionisto for at least two blocks before I caught up to him. Cropped corduroys, colors, coat there’s so many fabulous trends here I’m overwhelmed! As much as I love the carefree look, a well-dressed boy always holds a place near to my heart. Growing up my mother always said, “dress well, do well.” Meaning that when you take pride in your dress that will flood over into your work ethic. So if I were to guess I’d say this Fashionisto passed all his tests that day with flying colors!

I had been hoping to catch a Fashionisto with colored corduroys soon because colored khakis and corduroys have been so important to men’s fashion this season. Colored pants for men have been everywhere. American men’s fashion has clung to natural, dark colors for too long. It’s like a breath of fresh air seeing bits of bright all over campus. This Fashionisto exemplified his colored corduroys in a more serious, business-inspired ensemble. Something important to keep in mind; the colored pants trend can be dressed up or dressed down. Who doesn’t love a versatile trend? He dressed his look up well adding a tie and a perfectly positioned handkerchief to give it a more formal feel.

All in all I applaud his look and I can bet my mother would as well. Next time your leaning towards jeans a T-shirt, think twice. It’s true “dress well, do well.” Take pride in what you wear, not only does it express your personality but it may just influence your actions.

Hint: Pick up a pair of colored khakis, they’ll come in handy on numerous occasions.


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