Let's Hear it for the Boys

There's a cardinal rule that you don't go through a woman's purse. It's one of the many mysterious things that plaque men about women. A woman's bag is like the Mary Poppin's magic bag in the possibilities of its contents. Although I know all of these things, I can't help but be enamored by this Fashionisto's briefcase.

This Fashionisto caught my eye while he was waiting to catch a bus. The moment was the epitome of every fashion girl's crisis when shopping and they spot the perfect item only to realize it's the last one—quick, get it before someone else does! I knew I had to snap this Fashionisto's photo before he ascended the bus' steps and was gone forever!

I was initially drawn to this Fashionisto's structured, brown leather briefcase. On a campus of approximately forty thousand, it's not often you spot a man toting a briefcase to class. His briefcase is definitely a stylish upgrade from the all too frequent canvas backpack and is incredibly functional as well because it is sturdy enough to hold all of this Fashionisto's essentials for class. A briefcase like this is also a great option for bringing to interviews or for on the job when you finally land that coveted summer internship.

This Fashionisto's stylish briefcase is complemented by the rest of his impeccable outfit. This Fashionisto chooses a warm, wool button-up coat on this particularly cold fall day. He adds leather gloves and a silk printed scarf for added warm and style. This Fashionisto's look is completed down to the tips of his toes by donning a stylish pair of oxfords.

This Fashionisto looks like he stepped fresh out of a J.Crew catalog, or maybe just the law building on campus.

To achieve a well briefed look like this Fashionisto, start your outfit by choosing a structured briefcase like this one. Add stylish accents like gloves and a scarf with a coat to keep you warm when walking from class to class. Polish the look off with a pair of preppy oxfords.

Hint: Cold weather does not mean you have to sacrifice style for warmth! Choose fashionable accents like gloves, a scarf and even a hat for when your jacket covers the rest of your outfit.


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