Say goodbye to luxurious, stuffy cashmere this winter and embrace the rugged cardigans! These hand-knit pieces with their chunky texture and bold patterns give the everyday fella that sought-after, effortless swagger.

Today’s Fashionisto is all about the swagger, with his vintage-inspired cowichan cardigan taking the stage. Some may think of this thick, woollen garment as old and shabby but to others, it has kind of masculine charm that light-weight sweaters often lack.

It’s hard to go past the eccentric colour palette, making the outfit so intriguing. The cardigan’s cream and brown neutrals make it easy to pair with complimentary colours and the piece looks great grounded by the mid-blue with red as an accent colour. Plus, bonus points go to this Fashionisto for such fabulous coordination of his scarf, headphones and ipad cover! The accessory details bring the ensemble to life by adding to his overall look a sense of quirkiness. Another thing to mention is these knits practical nature. They are heavy enough to serve as an outer layer on winter mornings but without the bulk of a trench coat. This takes away the need to layer-up underneath, letting you stay comfortable for those long, sit-down university lectures.

One thing that’s important to remember when hunting for these hand-knit pieces is that it’s often not necessary to splash out hundreds of dollars for them. Go vintage! Op-shops and online second-hand websites are full of these beauties!

Hint: Be sure to fold your knits rather than hang them — especially those that are chunky like this Fashionisto’s. When hung, their weight will cause them to stretch out and lose their shape.


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