Let's Hear it for the Boys

Being selected for the Varsity team is always an exciting and memorable moment. Stereotypically, jocks rule the school in their lettermen jackets and exude an upperclass attitude. High fashion designers have created their own version of the varsity jacket. This Fashionisto may not be a jock but he rocks a varsity jacket that's slim fit and a perfect for capping off his outfit.

Chilly days encourage parkas and layering but most people forget about the warmth and versatility of varsity jackets. Most are very insulated and add a unique dynamic to any Fashionisto’s wardrobe. Lets be honest, you will be the only man on campus with a varsity jacket and individuality is a huge trend.

Speaking of individuality, this Fashionisto carries a tote bag rather than a back pack. College books are so heavy it makes sense to let your back rest and show a bit of style in the process. This Fashionisto reps a a Gucci tote bag but because of the recent trend, tote bags have been featured by many cheaper retail giants such as Zara.

This Fashionisto wears a unique pair of pants that do not go unnoticed. The last few seasons have featured clean, classic jeans and focused more on the fit. This Fashionisto’s jeans are indeed focused on fit but even more all about distinct design. I believe this Fashionisto wears a jean that will be very popular in seasons to come. He's gone for a ripped look and bright pink stitch. To top it all off, his jeans are perfectly rolled and evident is a crocodile print cuff. Many retailers have capitalized on this trend and added designs inside jeans that look fantastic when rolled.

Hint: Quality plays a big part in this Fashionisto’s outfit, but most importantly I suggest you spend a bit more money than usual on a well made tote bag. Cheap knockoffs will fall apart easily if used everyday for carrying books.


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