Let's Hear it for the Boys

When it comes to ‘dressing up’ it can become quite a challenge. The lines between business casual, ‘look nice” and dressing presentable all seem to blur. When I spotted this Fashionisto I was reminded of something more than just a classy look. After thinking it over for a while I realized he reminds me of a favorite fashion icon, Kanye West. Kanye was a fashion idol even before he stepped onto the rap scene, as he demanded attention with his daring style. Many would describe his dress as risk-taking yet often classy and always, always well put together. Much like this Fashionsito looks with his Monday attire.

A white button-down paired with jeans, a tie and nice shoes seems so simple. But worn by this Fashionisto it’s not an average clean, humble look. His pressed shirt and dark-wash jeans act as the perfect backdrop to his accessories. The key piece to this ensemble is the tie.  That is not your father’s tie. The picture of a tennis match on this intricate accessory is too perfect. It gives this style an influence of preppy. While it may touch on preppy, his ensemble doesn’t loose that ‘cool’ edge.

I applaud the European inspired look, supported by his tucked-in shirt and belted pant. It’s true boys; there is a way to wear your pants at your hips and still remain cool. The turning trends are a lifesaver for us girls. At least I know I couldn’t stand to see another pair of plaid boxers.

In conversation he explained his shoes were thirfted. A boy of my own heart. There’s nothing that makes me happier than a good thrift. I wouldn’t be surprised if his tie were thrifted as well. Something about it convinces me it’s an earlier trend. But regardless of where it’s from he wears it tremendously and that’s all the matters. This Temple University Fashionisto teaches us the basics of a clean-cut ensemble. Dressing well while keeping a cool appearance is much easier than it’s made out to be.

Hint: Don’t shy away from ties; instead incorporate it into your personal style!


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