Let's Hear it for the Boys

This Fashionisto was roaming the beautiful campus of Florida State University with this awesome vest and hat. I just had to take a picture of this simple but yet fun silhouette. He’s wearing the vest in a very casual and chic manner.  This Fashionisto shows that you can feel comfortable but look elegant at the same time. Of course, my favorite parts of this outfit are the accessories. I asked this Fashionisto where he got his accessories and he replied with the renowned word, thrifted.

Thrifting rocks!  It can be a fun activity to do, especially if you go with a group of friends. So many guys feel like thrifting is such a girl-thing to do, but nowadays it’s a great way to save money and to look good.  So, why not thrift?! Thrifting can definitely be an overwhelming activity, so that’s why I recommend going with friends. Some thrift shops are super huge and have thousands of items. Some people like myself, prepare a game plan before hitting the shops. Other people just go and find random items.

This outfit is very simple to do and definitely affordable.  You can start with the basic collar shirt and nice straight-fit jeans.  Jeans sometimes might be hard to find at thrift shops, especially to find them the way you want them to fit.  But, you can always remember that you can get your jeans or anything tailored.  Also, you can find nice fitted jeans at Urban Outfitters or H&M.


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