LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: The Texture In Nouveau Biker

Let's Hear it for the Boys

The wind was blowing harshly, mustering chills under my over sized coat. To seek refuge I escaped into what seemed fitting, a men’s boutique. My eye caught the overload of textures the store was carrying and this cultivated the theme for this weeks post.

From boring to interesting, one can up the anti of their style by one simple element, texture! We’re not just talking one element, we are talking different textures all over. This will make your outfit sharply standout from the rest. Once finding my theme, it was easy to find the perfect Fashionisto to fill out the trend.

To match the rising holiday season, look for warm fabrics paired with the unconventional. Like this Fashionisto, he played with texture and its placement.

This Fashionisto utilized texture and placement. Instead of jean on the bottom, he opted for a thick Levis denim vest, reversing the roles. In order to keep the warmth in, a red and black flannel button-down comes into play from Complex. The flannel against the jean has a soft to harsh effect having a nouveau biker theme. When it comes to the base, a gray lightweight pant suits the outfit’s needs, adding a third texture to the mix balancing the top half. To fully accessorize the outfit, heavy metal comes into play with a silver watch featuring an oversized clock face and a ring or two for added style. But his main accessories that further facets the look are the hat and kicks. The hat in a color blocked black and red boosts the shirt's effect along with the clean Nike kicks.

Hint: Fashionistos, heighten your outfit’s tactile texture by thinking about introducing three or more to make your style come to life. You are what you wear!  When using texture don’t just wear it, mix the unconventional just like our Fashionisto and channel your inner persona. Flannels to demin pick your match and accessorize to the max. Here we go, nouveau biker!


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