LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: The Summer Ain’t Over Yet

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Oh denim jacket, how I love thee, especially when paired with a great colorful, printed outfit. There are some outfits you see that make you want to stop and admire it closely. This young Fashionisto made me do just that. Although it’s getting colder outside and those leaves are turning from de la Renta Green to Vuitton Brown, this young man’s outfit clearly says he’s not quite finished with summer.

The denim jacket with its slightly vintage look is fitted slightly loose around this Fashionisto’s frame. It’s the perfect amount of oversizing and doesn’t look like he got it from a retired uncle who worked construction. But then again, even if he did, it would still look amazing on him. Denim jackets vault you back into the late eighties and nineties. They have resurfaced in the past couple of years, much to my delight. Levi's recently had a whole campaign where they worked with Instagram for their new denim collection. There are a lot of different denim jackets in their new line up as well. Although they can be a little pricey, my suggestion would to go thrift store hunting for a cool jacket like this Fashionisto has.

Now, for the most interesting part of this gentleman’s outfit are this explosive colors he’s wearing. His Aztec printed tank top is a strong remnant of the warm months that are leaving us, but it also works well with the dark colors inside of it. The hues of dark navy, turquoise, red and white give a gradient illusion. When I think of Aztec print, I think of warm summer nights where you’re having fun with your friends. It is definitely a wonderful print for both men and women. If you haven’t noticed the Aztec print around, I suggest you start paying attention! This is such a wonderful print and like our Fashionisto’s tank top, they come in different colors, accessories and print combinations.

Moving on to his slim fit colored cords, he’s still giving a lot of warm and vibrant colors. They are also cuffed slightly above his ankles and the only muted colors on this great outfit are his sandy taupe oxford sneakers. Slim fitting colored pants are a must for this fall and winter for any Fashionisto. Check out places like the Gap, Banana Republic or Topman for some amazing deals and great colors. He accessorizes his style with a beautiful ornate tooth necklace that he said his uncle made, which is really cool. Let’s not forget his classic cool kid wayfarers either.

The cool days are coming, but this Fashionisto rebels and tells us that summer isn’t leaving without a fight. No matter what the leaves look like or the temperature, great style always heats things up.


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