Let's Hear it for the Boys

There is a right way and a wrong way to pair gold chain necklaces with whimsically-patterned accessories and casual, all-white sneakers. I usually hate said styles on guys, especially when they are all worn together, as I find that they end up ruining any other fashionable elements that are present in the rest of the outfit. Yet when this Fashionisto appeared in front of me on St. Marks, it was exactly those very elements that most drew me to his look. He combined all of them together in a way that screamed downtown Manhattan mixed with a bit of a high fashion flare.

Let's start with this Fashionisto's basics. How amazing is his shirt and pants combo?! The gold zipper that drips its way down the entire front of his boxy black tee gives a tailored and incredibly designed look to the garment. It is a much bigger statement than a simple V-neck. Paired with faux-leather pants, his outfit has a rocker-meets-Kanye (whose style I admire on a daily basis) sort of feel to it, and looks both expensive and incredibly chic.

By paring said outfit with crisp white sneakers, this Fashionisto can't help but to make an impact. The contrast of his (literally) glowing footwear against his otherwise jet-black ensemble allows his high tops to take center stage, yet the two starkly different colors merge together in his playfully-printed backpack. The pack, which has an a typical streamlined shape, boasts an incredibly rich print by flaunting stacks of money of varying heights. I love the humor the print brings to the otherwise seriously fashionable outfit. It also furthers the whole downtown edge this Fashionisto is rocking.

The gold chains he sports around his neck (which initially were hidden underneath his shirt) add a nice splash of interest by his face. This allows the eye to be drawn to other elements of his ensamble. The chains also don't look out of place or cheesy, because of the parallel gold in the zipper on his shirt and the well-designed appeal of his entire outfit.

Hint: Try adding a few staple statement-making pieces to you wardrobe like this Fashionisto. Go for neutral pants and shirts with expensive-looking details (zippers, unique tailoring, interesting fabrics or textures). This will allow you to pile on the accessories without them looking out of place.


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