Let's Hear it for the Boys

After a few months of long summer nights full of cut offs, flip flops and bright colors, the day everyone has either dreaded or anxiously awaited is here: the first day of class. This outfit may be the one and only ensemble a boy puts together the entire semester, so it is important to make a lasting impression. Although it may be tough parting with your swimsuit, the time has come to put the flip flops away and bring out the loafers. Some may be severely depressed at the thought of this, but the one perk of the month of September is the gradual change into the styles of the fall season.

This Fashionisto is effortlessly transitioning from summer to fall with a bright colored polo paired with slacks and loafers. Going for this look is classic and extremely easy to achieve. Whether you have the time to put thought into an outfit or you sleep through your alarm and have t minus ten minutes to get to class, the polo is a great way to look stylish and casual yet also refined. Polo by Ralph Lauren has a never ending selection of polos and button-downs in classic styles and colors, while his Rugby line consists of the same but with an interesting twist for a different collegiate personality. A fratty Villanova staple that is seen all around campus is Vineyard Vines.

Try taking advantage of the warm weather while it still lasts and opt for bright shorts. Balance the vibrant hue with a plain button-down. Leave the shirt out for a laid back look or tuck the shirt in with a belt. With such versatility and ease, the polo and collared button-down are an absolute essential for every college boy.


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