LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: The Necessary Fixes

Let's Hear it for the Boys

There is typical male attire and then there is casual male style. Yes, there is a difference. Among the mobs of athletic sneakers, gym shorts and jerseys, there are those Fashionistos who veer from the cliché attire. They are not far from frumpy but it’s the attention to detail, the deliberate decision to add a unique flair, which adds that touch of style. It doesn’t necessarily have to be ostentatious but a noticeable effort is certainly more likely to be noticed. If I have been too vague as to what this attention to detail may be, read on.

This Fashionisto rocked a few necessary items that should be just the fix to any style dilemma. From the shoes up, there was something noticeable; but as always, let’s start with the shoes. The first thing I typically tend to notice on a person is their foot gear. It’s not necessarily because shoes are my thing, but it’s because I believe they tend to be a thoughtful choice by the wearer. Shoes say something about a person. This Fashionisto for instance, rocked the high top. These Adidas sneakers seem to carry themselves with a sense of careless leisure. They can be thrown on with just about anything, so invest in a pair Fashionistos! Keep them simple and you can't go wrong.

Next up, you may notice a print T-shirt with a depiction of the late Joe Paterno illustrated as a representation of the Obama Hope campaign but with the words “Remember”. This may have caught my attention because I attend Penn State and understand the significance, but it goes to show that printed T-shirts are not lost to retro consignment shops. A clever T-shirt can go a long way. Last up are the funky Ray-Bans and colorful snapback this Fashionisto is sporting. We can all agree that Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglasses have made a huge comeback these past couple seasons, but now we are seeing more trendy designs. Along the same timeline is the snapback, the classic throwback brim with adjustable fitting that is currently fixed to college campuses. These two trendy items are great long term additions and offer a wide variety in color, texture and pattern. In fact, every Fashionisto should have at least one or more variations of all the items above. A few staple pieces can hold any look together.

HINT: Needless to say, a couple simple accessories made this look and they can make your look just as easily too. Don’t clutter your closets with too many clothes and neglect the necessary fixes. Shoes, brims and sunglasses are sure to complete any casual style you may be rocking. Be sure to invest!


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