Let's Hear it for the Boys

The end of the first semester is a scary time for seniors. While I barely choose my major this past month, many of them are choosing careers that will determine their future outside the Nova Nation. All of these interviews and events have lead many of these potential employees to invest in business casual outfits. I personally think it is hard to go wrong with the business casual uniform but there are different ways to invest in your own business casual uniform. While in the mecca of all business savvy students, the Exchange I spotted this Fashionisto and his ability to develop his own fashion agenda.

There are three different levels of the business casual dress code. The level one look consists of khakis, polo shirt, leather shoes and a belt. Level two includes khakis, button down shirt and chunky or refined shoes. Level three consists of dress pants, button down shirt and refined leather shoes. This Fashionisto was able to master the business casual level two. His dark khakis and checked oxford shirt with a skinny tie gave him an edge. One item that stood out to me was his tie bar. This was a huge trend in the 1950's and I am impressed he was able to incorporate a retro vibe into his uniform.  This helps dress up your business casual look without being too ostentatious.

Hint: Want to develop your own individuality while sticking to the dress code? This can be accomplished through little accessories such as tie bar. Remember that there are different levels of business casual and they need to be a sense of reference to the occasion.


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