Let's Hear it for the Boys

I think my previous posts that spoke of my love for plaid dealt with outwear, but I cannot forget how important I admire plaid as casual wear as well. It is the ultimate classic print for all Fashionistos during the fall and winter seasons. Besides having a nicely printed jacket or scarf, flannel plaid shirts are great pieces for your chilly month wardrobe.

This Fashionisto is giving us a great outfit full of style and totally knows how to rock some plaid. Instead of the standard red and black pattern, he goes for a blue, green and gray color scheme. His flannel shirt is open and gives a relaxed feel with his sleeves rolled up. This tells me not only is he stylish, but he’s comfortable in what he’s wearing. Then he pairs his shirt with a colorful purple V-neck T-shirt. Purple, as odd a color choice for fall and winter, can be nice if paired with the right outfit combo. If you are ever looking to spice up your outfit with color, make sure it isn’t overbearing and takes away from your other muted colors. This Fashionisto picks out the right type of color that is bright enough to go well with his outfit.

He then rocks an amazing pair of black skinny jeans that are slim enough to not look like he’s suffocating below the waist. His brown belt matches his chestnut wingtips perfectly and mixes in more earth tones into a cool outfit. Remember Fashionistos, men’s fashion isn’t always about business suits, you can keep comfy and stylish! Never be afraid to roll your sleeves up and relax.
HINT: If you’re looking for a great plaid shirt, find ones that stray away from traditional color schemes. Also remember you can style them either buttoned up or open. Throw on a cool color, but not too bright, shirt underneath for some major style points.



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