LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Supreme Essential

Let's Hear it for the Boys

School is officially in session and everyone is back in learning mode. Fashion enthusiast are still in summer mode and want their attire to reflect that on campus. On the first day of classes I saw many students going back to the basics with hints of high-end brands sprinkled throughout their outfits. This seems to be the new wave of styling for students who want to showcase class and taste on a college budget. Walking through the student center I spotted a senior Fashionisto who embodied this idea.

This Fashionisto wears a simple denim button up with his sleeves rolled up to combat the heat. For the bottom he wears a pair of vintage burgundy chino shorts. He pairs the burgundy shorts with a pair of sun faded burgundy shoes by Vans. He accessorizes his look with a navy blue snapback by Supreme, which helps create a clean color scheme. He also adds a hint of print with his military green zebra print backpack also by Supreme. By combining a mixture of high-end and affordable pieces together, this Fashionisto demonstrates that you can make a chic look on a budget. It is important as a Fashionisto to never look low-end or of low quality.

Hint: Try mixing staple pieces with higher-end brands. For example you can pair a simple button up form ASOS with a pair of Dires Van Noten printed shorts. Styling your low-end items with high-end items will give you a clean high-end look without paying the full cost.  This will allow you to showcase your taste and knowledge in fashion while allowing you to stay on budget. 


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