Let's Hear it for the Boys

As the semester comes to an end and students frantically study for those final tests, they also begin to envision themselves by the beach where they can bask in the sun worry-free. This phenomenon manifests itself through people’s choice of dress as the month of May approaches. Certain days reach up to 90 degrees, and short-sleeved shirts become the favored garment as the long-sleeved button downs move to the back of closets. Short-sleeved T-shirts may be one of the easiest garments to construct so a wide-variety of styles exist, and yet sometimes the most minimalist design can be just as stylish.

This Fashionisto sports a white V-neck, a T-shirt that can be bought in a variety of price ranges and brands, like James Perse and Forever 21. He also opts for a light wash pair of jeans, which he cuffs above the ankle instead of wearing shorts. He matches the white from his T-shirt to his lace up tennis shoes creating a summery feel to his overall look. He looks ready to take a stroll near a beach setting with his aviator sunglasses. While each individual item that he wears might be fairly generic, the combination of all the garments together does not look overtly standard because of the gap created by the cuffed jeans. This Fashionisto dresses comfortably for the heat yet does not look as if he is ready to take a run around campus. Had this Fashionisto tied a light sweater around his neck, he would have been prepped out for the beach.

Hint: Shorts are always necessary for the summer, but sometimes one can avoid wearing them by choosing trousers of a lightweight fabric and then cuffing them. In order to achieve a minimalist look, try pairing a patterned trouser with a plain V-neck and lace-up tennis shoes or leather loafers. The patterned pant will take the place for the need of any extra layers.


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