Let's Hear it for the Boys

What I find so captivating about fashion is it's vastness. You can be chic city one day or a bright ball of neon’s the next. Regardless of which direction you choose the opposite styles could both very well be on trend at the same time. There’s never just one fashion, you may look entirely different from the Fashionisto next you, but that doesn’t mean you're not both fashion forward. I constantly find myself writing about this fitted, British-inspired men’s style and I realized I’m leaving out hundreds of other trends. Not every guy wants to be confined to slimming jeans or fitted shirts. So for those of you that are more sport inclined yet stylish this is for you!

It’s a trend that’s been around forever, this active inspired style. Vests and warm outerwear pieces aren’t things that can really go out of style per say. Not only are they fashionable but they’re also functional! More recently I’ve seen boys leaning towards this outdoorsy look but in a more personalized, trendy way. Vests are used atop Henley’s and button-down’s to make for an accessorized style. Layering at its finest. We’ve seen women drowning themselves in oversized sweaters and tons of layers these past few seasons. Now we're finding boys, staying true to size but definitely packing on the layers as well. It makes for the perfect cozy, winter wear. A way to stay warm without giving into the fitted sweater, if that’s not your style.

This sporty trend, mixing outwear and layers isn’t necessary a new look. But throwing a sporty vest with a jean button-down, a knitted hat and some sneakers like this Fashionsito did definitely brings it up to date. Sportswear doesn't mean gym shorts and t-shirts. There's always a way to stay comfortable yet trendy, take it from this Fashionsito. He could be going to class or going for an afternoon hike, either way he's dressed the part.

Hint: Pair khaki's or a button up with your vest in order to spruce up your sportswear!


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