LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Solstice Layering

Let's Hear it for the Boys

The time to bring out the shorts in Austin has arrived, yet one must not forget key elements that contribute to making a stylish outfit. The heat can be quite hot and boys seem to abandon any sense of style they may have had in order to achieve comfort and coolness. There are ways to continue to dress like a Fashionisto while remaning comfortable–that is, layering with lightweight fabrics. This Fashionisto avoids melting in the heat by dressing lightly, yet still remaining true to his personal style.

As a senior majoring in Textiles and Apparel, this Fashionisto has his hands busy preparing for UT's annual senior fashion show and yet he still dresses in stylish apparel. His combination of denim cut-offs with a tank and opened button-down allow for the intermixing of different fabrics (denim and cotton knit), offering an alternative to the standard khaki shorts and polo combo seen around campus. Despite the heat, this Fashionisto's light weight fabrics allow him to breath easily, and he can easily peel away at his layers if needed. His clothes come from several vendors, but his favorite are Buffalo Exchange and Beacon's Closet in Brooklyn–it's no doubt that this Fashionisto wears different textured and colored garments in one outfit. Shopping at a myriad of stores allows for maximum layering.

Hint: Summer layering can be achieved by wearing tanks and opened button-downs. These button-downs can vary in style and can even be short sleeved if it gets too hot. Pairing these layers with denim cut-offs or even cotton trousers can make different outfits that will set you apart from other collegiate students. Don't forget your sunglasses!


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