LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Skinny Pants and Some Vans

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Sorry folks, I have to start with a lyric from the Lil' Wayne song, “Right above it”: “Skinny pants with some vans.” I always think of that lyrics when I see this look— it is a natural fit. This Fashionisto, for instance, got it just right with black pants and blue Vans. I would have guessed his style came from the west coast, but alas, I guessed wrong.

Coincidentally, this Fashionisto is a southern native of Florida. He moved up to the State College area to attend graduate school at Penn State this fall. So I may have been off with the Cali vibe, but my boardwalk intuition was on target. It’s hard not to connect beach and waves with a men’s tank, like the one this Fashionisto is wearing. It hangs loose with a gnarly print that screams vibrant color and style against an otherwise monotone look. Fashionistos should always consider swapping their beaten sports tees for tanks, weather permitting of course. It is the last hurrah of summer boys, so make the most of 'em while you can. You can always find an eclectic range in the Urban Outfitters catalogue online.

This Fashionisto has a dark color scheme. Normally I avoid and advise against same-color, same-texture styles but I have to hand it to him, he pulls it off. The intense black creates an altogether fresh effect against the color in his shirt and shoes. My favorite spot for unexpected hues and patterns almost always ends up being in shoes.These Vans for instance are a grainy blue that compliment or clash (in a good way) with just about any outfit he may wear. You can even customize a pair yourself for odd prints and neon colors on the Vans custom shoes site.

HINT: Add something of your own to this look by customizing your footgear. More often than not, men’s sneaker and shoe companies offer customization services that allow you to pick from a wide arrange of colors, prints and textures. Create your favorite pair of sneaks to rock year round!


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