Let's Hear it for the Boys

If you walk around campus, you will always see a boy clad in khaki shorts and a neon colored t-shir t– it's the typical attire of a frat boy on a hot day that is common at UT. But every once in a while, some boys decide to wear other types of shorts that deem them worthy of becoming a Fashionisto. The semester has come to a close, and boys and girls alike seem to care less about they're clothes as they carry the stress of finals. Yet there are those who decide that even amidst demanding times fashion remains important.

This Fashionisto pairs gray jorts, or jean shorts, with a striped tank top. Who says that boys can't wear this combo together? Fashionistos have taken the trend that is popular amongst girls (jean shorts and tank tops) and have given it a manly twist, adding their own personal touch to the look by lengthening the shorts. Shorts are an essential in the summer, especially in Austin where the heat reaches temperatures of over 100 degrees. If you stick to just plain jeans you might overheat, but by cropping them to knee length like this Fashionisto, there is no worry of over exposure to heat. His navy blue lace-up brogues are a unique product that I had never seen before and he told me that he found them at JCPenney. I wasn't that surprised as they have redone their whole image and target demographics!

He doesn't just go for the shorts and tee combo, but adds more to his overall look with his statement necklace. Not only girls can wear necklaces like those seen on Dannijo, but boys can and should be allowed to wear necklaces as such. I've noticed that most jewlery for men only offers slender long chains as accesories, but this Fashionisto demonstrates that it is still deemed fashionable to wear more daring necklaces. His sunglasses block the glare of the unbearable sun. Those are also essential for the summer!

Hint: Shorts might be hard to find, but playing with lengths might just do the trick. Sometimes shorts above the knees are acceptable and even rolling shorts can work too. Avoid shorts that are overtly baggy as that contributes to a sloppy look.


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