Let's Hear it for the Boys

As Fashionistas are to Fashionistos, we’re all rocking our skinnies form day outings in town, to fancy dinners. They’re pieces that are the unsung uniform of the 20th century. We live for our denim!

No matter what you say about fashion youth, the skinny jean always seems to be on trend. This one silhouette has stayed strong for the last six years, growing even more popular in our Fashionisto division! What is the reason? First, they look awesome on almost any male form, making their style chic and edgy. The key thing to remember is, skinny jeans don’t have to be super, super tight, but make sure the ankle seam is smaller than the knee.

Meeting this Fashionisto sparked a topic of interest, why do we as a population seek fascination in period pieces? Is it that we want to relive an era or strive for the challenge to integrate these garments?

The answer is both. This Fashionisto enlightened me with an example: the skinny jean. We all know that fashion is recycled, but people find inspiration in the old classics. We see the 18th and 19th century men fashioning tight mid length trousers, The Beatles sometimes bouncing about in slim trousers and even men’s athletic wear growing tighter. 

This Fashionisto mastered his skinnies with style. The type of skinny he chose is a relaxed fit, cuffed at the bottom to show off his black leather boots featuring white soles. In order to coincide with his lower half, he layers in dark hues starting with winter plaid, to a signature gray hoodie. In perspective, he added a black leather bomber jacket for a little more edge, while being effortlessly chic. Next we have to talk about the bag. The pop of red in a sports bag adds some spicy flavor to the outfit and makes it come alive.

Hint: Fashionistos, keep it up with the skinny jean, but for those who are hiding from the best thing that happened to humanity, step on the bandwagon and be enlightened. I promise you’ll never turn back, no matter what your style. To master our cunning Fashionisto’s style, pull on your relaxed skinnies, a little leather in a jacket and matching winter boots. While layering is a must, a red sports bag adds some kick to your step.


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