LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Relaxed Yet Refined

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Dressing as a prep is a very common trend here on campus at the University of Southern California. It might be because around one-fourth of our student population is a part of the Greek system (sports are HUGE at our school) or it may even be attributed to the fact that so many of us hail from the East Coast, nationally renown for its “preppiness.” Regardless of how or why, we can all agree that since our campus is nestled right in the heart of Los Angeles, with Hollywood being minutes away, we know how to dress and looking good is a favorite pastime of ours. Today’s Fashionisto is all about confidence, something I noticed right away when I was walking out of my morning lecture. After quickly (and casually) observing his outfit, I recognized that he was wearing a “bro tank” and Sperry’s boat shoes, something that is quite typical at SC, but something about the way this particular Fashionisto was wearing the clothing items made his whole outfit seem less preppy and more casual. In fact, when I questioned him on his own personal style he labeled it as “relaxed yet refined.” As a native of the West Coast he likes to embody the SoCal style, that is, the perfect “beach bod” and the laidback attire. According to him, the West Coast is generally viewed as aesthetically centered, our societal norms of beauty tend to focus on a more natural style of fashion and physical desirability. Even though Los Angeles is renown for being the plastic surgery capital  and home to people obsessed with working the fact remains that natural beauty and maintaining healthy habits are the dominant trends. Embodying a natural lifestyle is what this Fashionisto is all about. 

Along with his casual clothing, this Fashionisto is also rocking a snowpack from Dakine, a company that “builds gear for board sport enthusiasts including snowboarders, surfers, and windsurfers.” Besides its functionality as a normal backpack, this snowpack is also designed to carry a snowboard or pair of skis. You can check out more of Dakine's products here. His navy blue Sperry Top-Siders boat shoes, are an extremely common staple of the Trojan wardrobe.  He tops off his outfit by accesorizing with a Bulova watch.

This Fashionable reminded me that there is nothing wrong with dressing comfortably casual. Looking good on a daily basis does not require us having to resort to drastic measures.  Don't get me wong, I am not exactly recommending going to class in pajamas! A comfy pair of jeans and a tank are always great go to options, but remember, confidence is key.




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