LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Pro-fashion-al

Let's Hear it for the Boys

As college students we’re all trying to get prepped for the professional world. As we transition from one social situation to the next we have to make sure to adjust accordingly. So how do you remain fashionable yet professional? This Fashionisto has conquered this task by saying no to dad’s frumpy old suit and tie combo, and making the office-ready look work for him. No new young professional wants to enter the office looking as if they fell from their dad’s coat closet; after all you want your fresh and innovative ideas to show through your attire. By keeping your professional look modern like this Fashionisto not only are you rebelling against conforming to the drab office look but you're also dressed appropriately for any meeting, office social event and presentation.

This look is great for showing the office oldies that you mean business. The military-inspired jacket is very clean cut and gives this look an edge that would be hard to accomplish with any suit. The slim, slightly white-washed denim jeans like these light washed skinny jeans and loafers comparable to this pair from black and white patterned pair also help to give this look a youthful, modern appeal. The slim fit jean and loafer combination is great for a comfortable, business casual look. This Fashionisto also sports a white collar button-down shirt tucked and secured with a black leather belt or try a colored option like this red leather belt for added flair. It's a look tha's safe yet has enough edge to get your point across. It can stand alone or be paired with a great blazer like this skinny suit jacket.

Hint: Black is a great color to start with but venture out by playing with other office-appropriate colors such as olive, khaki, brown, burgundy or even a modest metallic. Pair your blazer or jacket with a slim-fitting chino or a pair of dark washed jeans and a belt in any appropriate office color to keep the look appealing. This would also be a great time to color block and see how to get the most out of your look.


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