LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Pattern, Texture and Color Oh My!

Let's Hear it for the Boys

All of us know the little voice in our heads that says you can’t mix patterns. But mixing isn't wrong; it’s just about proportions. Patten, texture and color are all what make an outfit memorable. Straight from fashion week in New York, we are seeing strong bold patterns mixed together for both men and women at shows including Marlon Gobel and Custo Barcelona.

Marlon Gobel took bold patterns such as checks or plaid and paired them with colorful statement pieces to amplify the intensity of the overall look. This runway style did not stop there; the brand also played with texture in ties, suits and jackets. Texture is one the few things that many people overlook. Learning how to incorporate texture into your wardrobe is key.

Pairing mixed patterns is a way to amp up street style and away to add individuality. The ideal way to do it is by either taking any two of the primary colors or opposite colors on the color wheel. By doing this it will allow the colors to pop against each other. Also, to pull off the whole look you need to pair the rest with neutrals. This is where texture comes into play; textured neutrals such as a herringbone weave in a suit gray suit are one of many examples. Overall, this entire look is appropriate for everyday and even work.

This Fashionisto follows all the rules from head to toe. He wears a check, baby blue, dress shirt, and he then adds a red, skinny, tartan tie. The two patterns against each other create the focal point. The rest is a simple slim fitting suit in a textured gray color, which acts as the neutral.

When going for this look, remember to use opposite colors in patterns to create a focal point. Also, pairing it with neutrals is a must. Your neutrals don’t have to be boring; boost them up with subtle texture. Be bold Fashionistos, and make a statement.


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