Let's Hear it for the Boys

Streetwear doesn’t get enough credit when it comes to men’s fashion. It’s clear that it offers an aesthetic that is raw, flashy, and all around cool if executed properly. But then again, maybe that’s the beautiful thing about streetwear…it is never about doing things the proper way.

Here we have a Fashionisto who’s exuding style as well as some awesome casual threads that are definitely Tumblr famous.

First, he sports a black OBEY sweatshirt, a popular brand for all those looking for some fresh gear for their wardrobes. This brand is popular for their signature logo and their direct, but effective slogan. The pyramid pattern with the burnt orange, yellow and reddish brown color scheme is perfect for fall, it screams classic autumn. One of my favorite things about fall and winter men’s fashion are pullover sweatshirts. They’re easy to put on, comfortable and if you’re like this Fashionisto, they can look amazing.

He also rocks a pair of camouflage cargo pants, which is also great. It has taken awhile for camo to grow on me. I had to realize it just isn’t a pattern reserved for great war veterans, but it can be stylish too. Cargo pants are a type of pant that seems to always make an appearance every year in men’s fashion. This Fashionisto is reminding us that they’re still here and can look great as it strays away from the classic tan colors.

Our Fashionisto rocks a classic pair of sneakers and a red beanie hat, which adds the cherry on top of a great outfit. He is definitely getting some street credibility with his style. Streetwear is a great style for all Fashionistos or Fashionistas to rock out every now and again. Try it out for yourself sometimes! OBEY your style!

Hint: If you’re looking for a great way to do streetwear, look into great graphic sweatshirts and fitted caps. Also try different patterns like camo, animal print and more!


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