LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: More Mustard, Please

Let's Hear it for the Boys

If my past men's fashion posts were to be analyzed side by side it would become blatantly obvious that I love pretty much every type of look on a guy. From bold prints paired with blinding blue pants to all-black outfits and neutral camel sweaters, I love seeing how menswear is evolving into an industry that has just as much variety and risk as women's fashion.

With that said, It was no surprise when I found a Fashionisto who sported an outfit that was wonderfully different than those I have shot in the past weeks. A relatively causal look, this jean and jacket ensemble was styled-up with the help of one crucial sartorial element: color. And an unexpected color at that.

Yellow has always been one of my favorite shades to use as an outfit accent. It is not only the brightest and boldest hue, but is one that many people often shy away from because of its ability to overpower an outfit or clash with other colors.

By implementing yellow into his outfit in two relatively small doses, this Fashionisto looked both chic and gutsy. The yellow stripe on his sweater, a relatively tame choice, peeks out of his zipped coat and serves as a pop of color on top. The bottom pop, the decidedly more daring choice, is found on his shoes, where he has replaced his combat boot's black laces with playful mustard cording.

I am not one to usually like colored shoe laces, but it works here because of the Fashionisto's strategical placement of the other colors in his outfit. Not only do his laces tie in with the yellow stripe on the neck of his sweater, but they are far enough away from the other colors in the ensemble (the sweater's red and blue stripes) to prevent him from look clownish or too busy. Paired with a suede backpack and awesome industrial jacket, the outfit is grounded by neutral colors and structured pieces, resulting in a quirky autumn-ready look.

Hint: If colored shoelaces aren't your thing, try integrating other mustard tone pieces into your outfit as a stylish surprise. Cool options include watches, cufflinks, pocket squares, bow ties and socks.


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