Military-inspired apparel has formed the basis of a cutting trend that has evolved over the centuries and is likely to continue evolving for many more. In today’s modern world of fashion, it is often seen in pop/rock music videos, on runway (namely Gareth Pugh) and flaunted by fashion icons around the globe.

There seems to be a never ending evolution of this military style craze into new variations, so why does it refuse to submerge? The answer is there is beauty is having no fixed way for this trend to be worn, it is highly versatile. It allows not just fashion high-flyers but the everyday individual to experiment with confidence knowing they can’t go wrong. Today’s Fashionisto undertakes this challenge and goes against traditional military primarily by steering away from the usual choice of combat boots. By adding a sneaker instead of a boot, he achieves that “lazy Sunday” quality and even goes metro with a light coloured scarf. His basics consisting of a low-key T-shirt and a looser chino succeed in maintaining the outfit’s casual flair.

Now it may seem difficult and perhaps verging a little on the alternative side to combine military with metro. However, one look at this Fashionisto proves this idea wrong. Once broken down, this ensemble is easily achievable by almost any Fashionisto who in their wardrobe has a tee, parker and chino/jean. Coordinate these common pieces just as this Fashionisto has done and you’ll turn an ordinary outfit into a fashion revolution.  If there is one good thing about nation rivalry, it is that it has given us timeless fashion inspiration.

Hint: Dress this look up yet maintain the military-metro balance by swapping your tee with a button-down shirt and adding a pair of suede brogues.


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