Let's Hear it for the Boys

Last week I was making a bee line for the campus shuttle when I passed this Fashionisto and literally made a complete 180. Forget the bus; I had to catch this look on camera. Simply passing, I caught the sense that fall was finally upon us, but in the best of ways. Not only is there that hint of cool in the air, but also is the brisk style Fashionistos seem to rake together for the season.

This outfit in particular reminded me of European style, except it was no surprise as to why after asking about his look when hearing him speak. This Fashionisto is, after all, a native of the U.K., and spent time in London. When you’re living in one of the fashion capitals of the world, its a no-brainer that you pick up a taste for the culture. Still, this Fashionisto gives credit to his Korean friends who he feels had an influence on his style as well.

In general, he explains, he likes to mix and match from favorite stores that are mostly European brands, such as G-Star. This outfit reminded me of European style because all the calling cards are present in this outfit. Crisp vintage, straight-leg pants rolled at the hem. A light bomber jacket with the collar popped in the back and sleeves pushed up. A pair of light brown, suede dress shoes. And a khaki backpack with matching tanned shades to top it all off. These are a few of my favorite things. He kept it light, he made it look easy and he went extra breezy by messing it up a bit. Don’t hesitate to add your own touch to even the highest of brands; that's what fashion is all about after all, making it your own.

HINT: Add texture by rolling hems and scrunching sleeves. Not only is this great for transitioning your wardrobe into fall but it also adds an original touch to any look.


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