LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Make Your Hair Your Trend

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Fashion is loud. It’s ever-changing, crazy and sometimes even an obnoxious form of self-expression. If someone asked you to describe yourself, you wouldn’t say I’m a total bore. So when it comes to Fashionistos and Fashionistas who express themselves through what they wear, rarely do they choose to be plain. This Fashionisto wears his personality loud and proud, going above and beyond the norm. He took the bold step as to cut his hair in order to accompany and express his individual style. That deserves extra acknowledgement. This isn’t your average street style Fashionisto, that edgy courage makes him runway material in my book.

Now-a-days men’s fashion is becoming a little more detailed than it has been the past few years. With this attention to detail men’s hairstyles are becoming a key accompaniment to a trendy ensemble. Although this Fashionisto’s cut seems a little more pronounced than most it’s todays  “undercut.” This 2012 attention-grabbing style is undoubtedly a spin off the old 1920s hairstyle. Back then it was a look that only rebellious boys would consider.

His haircut wasn’t—of course—the only thing on trend here. His statement spectacles give him an extra up. We’ve been seeing a lot of thick-rimmed glasses lately, but take note, as he shows off the thin and large glasses style even better. From his glasses to his boots he shows leading styles. But what brings it all together and gives it that personality twist is certainly the haircut. Haircuts have become the center of a few 2012 trends and there are hundreds of blogs and fashion sites offering the top hairstyles this season. So follow your fashionable feelings and show off your personality loud and proud with an edgy cut.

Hint: Up your edge with a stylish new do this year!


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