LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Laying On The Layers

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Attention: Freezing is NOT fashionable! There's nothing more unappealing this time of year than to see someone shivering with the intentions of looking stylish. As a fellow fashion lover I know that we all have those summer favorites we absolutely can’t bear to see go into our personal archives for another long fall and winter. A lot of times, especially in the fall, we don’t know exactly when to let go and let the seasonal fashion cycle take its course. Well fortunately, this Fashionisto has managed to keep his spring/summer appearance in his wardrobe by layering up!

Layering has great advantages. Not only are you able to stay warm and remain comfortable while trying to withstand the harsh cold but you can also mix fall and summer pieces to create an eclectic look. By collaborating a variety of styles you are showing that you know how to use what you have to get the look you want.

This Fashionisto’s look is definitely packing a punch. He layered a purple crewneck shirt with a blue jean and cotton-sleeved jacket. This gives the illusion that he's layering up when in fact he's simply adding a jacket and a trendy warm scarf to keep up with the weather. By doing this he's still able to get the look of having on a blue jean vest, one of the staples of his summer wardrobe, while still remaining warm and without having on too many layers. This Fashionisto also sports khaki cargo pants and accessorizes with military inspired boots, a black satchel and a knit hat with fur lining similar to this patterned hat.

What can we learn from this Fashionisto? You can still be fashionable by layering up or even forming the illusion of a layered look so lay on the layers! Stay warm and stay stylish.

Hint: Jackets, cardigans, scarfs, vests and sweaters can all be layered with the right pieces. Alternate in the use of each of these to keep your look versatile and functional. Mix it up by adding a printed pant like these camo cargos.


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