LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Jeans On Jeans On Jeans

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Though denim-on-denim has long been deemed a fashion don’t, this Fashionisto shows us that some fashion rules are meant to be broken. As with banning white after Labor Day and mixing prints, the stigma attached to jean-on-jean looks has finally been erased. While it is still tricky to pull off, when done right the results are fabulous! Not only does this Fashionisto venture into denim land, but he also sticks to a blue color palette. His placement of the various shades of blue is what makes this outfit such a success. By placing the lighter denim on the top and the darker denim on the bottom, he forces the viewer’s eye to move vertically through the outfit. The pairing of navy and teal Nikes with dark wash jeans establishes the top of the outfit as the central focus. The peak of the white and navy striped crewneck underneath the light blue button-up gives the eye a rest from the sea of blues. The reveal of the crewneck also prevents the outfit from becoming overwhelming.

To jazz up this outfit, it would be interesting to play with the proportions. Since the light blue denim is already the standout piece of the ensemble, we could get a slightly slimmer button-up and loosen the fit of the pants. We could also open the button-up so that the entire front of the crewneck tee is exposed. Revealing more of the crewneck tee makes the outfit as a whole more dynamic and more relaxed.

Hint: The key to a successful denim-on-denim look is to never match shades of denim. A look with matching denim will leave you looking outdated and a fashion amateur. To do this look right, it is crucial that the two denims are on opposite ends of the shade spectrum. For some denim inspiration check out ASOS’s Double Denim trend page! Go jean crazy with Levi's, which has endless options of all things denim.


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