Walking down the busy city streets of Hong Kong and you will quickly realize the fashion elite sporting their electric ensembles, all competing for individuality. Whether cruising up on a Hello Kitty-inspired bike or strutting about in a fluffy animal-print angora jacket, these showgoers aren’t shy about standing out.

Today’s Fashionisto is no exception to the rule. Wearing all black layers this Fashionisto creates an understated yet chic outfit. He’s suave but slightly tough looking and a master of texture and layering, in a wool blazer, black scoop neck T-shirt and drop crotch harem pants. Colour is unimportant here.  

To recreate this look requires minimal fuss, but don’t be fooled as wearing all black layers can appear depressing and somewhat bland. In order to pull it off without venturing into boring, moody, dreary territory, it is important to break up your look by mixing different textures and silhouettes. Today’s Fashionisto has balanced the weight of fabric by opting for lightweight harem pants, which flows seamlessly creating an elegant geometry. Also, to ensure that this Fashionisto maintains a masculine shape, he has completed his outfit with an oversized knitted beanie and high-top sneakers, keeping it reasonably simple with a bit of quirkiness.     

Black is flattering and forgiving and therefore a fashion must-have. So try wearing a little more noir and know that you can always rely on your black anythings to keep you stylish whichever city you find yourself in.
Hint: Show off your style skills, instead of hiding them in Goth shadows by paying attention to details such as fabrics and silhouettes. That way you can pull off any monochromatic look that’s all about confidence, creativity and sartorial smarts.


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