LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Hey Fashionisto!

Let's Hear it for the Boys

I have seen this Fashionisto in passing while on the way to my writing class. I am always too taken with all the different elements the Fashionisto is rocking to take a picture of him, but I knew that I could not let this get-up go without notice.

Grunge and '90s nostalgic style has been a huge trend over the past few seasons and it doesn’t look like it's going anywhere (*massive smile*). I wanted to point out how interesting of a twist this Fashionisto took on the trend. I haven’t seen the grunge look with so many neon colors around campus ever, especially not incorporating the neon hue into almost all aspects of the look. Specifically, I have not seen many Fashionistos make a bold color choice for pants. I found a very close pair for sale on LYST: the Blue Nike Golf Pant.

I also really liked the plaid that this Fashionisto was wearing. It was a square plaid, which isn’t as common around campus. Also again, the color is very unique as well. I love that shade of orange against the red lines. It is always great to see people wearing brighter colors even though it's getting colder. The masses associate '90s fashion with flannel shirts and yes, that was a huge part of the grunge and popular fashions of that time. Although it is often forgotten that their was a lot of color incorporated into the fashions, the bolder the better. I also wanted to point out the bright green duct tape holding the Fashionisto's shoe together. That is personality and it’s bold. Some Fashionisto/as may disagree and say that it doesn’t work, but I believe that this Fashionisto pulls off his style with a lot of personality and bold character and that is sweet! Something about this Fashionisto's look is so reminiscent of our beloved and oh-so-effortlessly-cool Arnold from Hey Arnold.

Hint: A lot of Fashionistos have began to wear bolder prints and colors for shirts and jackets. Now I ask the Fashionistos of VCU to take it one step further and buy some wild printed or bold colored pants. Wear things that you would normally think are weird or “too much” and pull it off with your personality coming through your look. Don’t forget to  keep it cool Arnold '90s style or else in the words of Helga Pataki, “MOVE IT FOOTBALL HEAD!”


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