Let's Hear it for the Boys

The leaves are officially turning. Fall is in the air, on the ground and in those heavy flannels every Fashionisto seems to have. Flannel and fall go together like woolies and winter or swimsuits and summer — they just make sense. This Fashionisto was looking extra crisp in these fitted ecru pants although, surpisingly, they did not come that way.

Here's a riddle for you: why did the Fashionisto's pants look different after he bought them from before? Because he had them fitted! That's right, it's time to blow the dust off your local yellowpages because the tailor is back for business. When was the last time you can remember taking anything to be tailored? That's what I thought. In general, you, like most people, probably only visit a tailor or seamstress every now and then for special occassions. Well this needs to change and here's why.

Quite frankly, the fashion-forward should always have garments that fit them well. Your clothes should flatter and fit you right. This Fashionisto is a business major so he often has suits and pants adjusted accordingly, but he doesn't stop there. He likes to look good in and out of corporate, he explained, and often will take in select shirts and pants to be tailored as well. He attests his fashionable wardrobe to these favorite pieces but mostly gives credit to his Brooklyn style. The flannel however, is not so New York. “This is my PA,” he laughed.

Hint: If you find something doesn’t fit right in the dressing room, either put it down or take it to a tailor! The traditional stylist has always been your local tailor. Style begins with the fabric and the fit so its important to make sure clothing compliments your body. Get hems shortened or seams adjusted to get the right fit.


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